Brazilian Body Wave Frontal

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The Crown Kollection Brazilian Body Wave Lace Frontals are the perfect finishing touch to get the full look without leaving any of your hair out. Made with a durable lace mesh to ensure a long lasting product.


The Crown Kollection Brazilian Body Wave Lace Frontals are the perfect finishing touch to get the full look without leaving any of your hair out. Made with a durable lace mesh to ensure a long lasting product.

  • Hair: Virgin Brazilian Human Hair
  • Style: Deep Wave Lace Frontal
  • Color: 1B Natural Color
  • Hair Length: 18″
  • Weight: 75 grams (1.5 oz) per bundle
  • Weft: 13″*4″ Lace Frontal

The Crown Kollection Guarantee:

  • All our hair is 100% human hair.
  • We use double-stitch wefts to reduce chances of shedding
  • We use Remy hair — the finest quality human hair — to achieve that perfectly natural look.

609 reviews for Brazilian Body Wave Frontal

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